You’ve probably heard about the lawsuit the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon and Father Bernie Lindley of St. Timothy’s Church filed against the City of Brookings. The suit says the city violated St. Tim’s First and 14th Amendment constitutional rights when it passed an ordinance limiting the number of meals it could serve at its property. KCIW reached out to both City Manager Jannell Howard and Mayor Ron Hedenskog for comment. Ms. Howard had no comment, and Hedenskog says that … in his words … “It is not ethical or appropriate to comment on pending litigation.”

This is a story that’s gained national attention because of the Constitutional implications regarding separation of Church and State. And because it also has everything to do with the work St. Tim’s does with the hungry and unhoused. It unleashed a local tsunami of public passion on both sides of the issue. But former mayor Jake Pieper says that’s nothing new. This is an issue the Brookings City Council has struggled with for quite a while. KCIW reports.


Complaint Legal Document (pdf)

Archived City Council meetings

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Reporter: Lori Gallo Stoddard

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