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KCIW News: Special Report – COVID-19 Surge Update

KCIW News: Special Report – COVID-19 Surge Update

Curry County saw a surge in COVID-19 cases during August that closed businesses and quarantined many. How prepared are we? KCIW reports. Reporter: Lori Gallo Stoddard The opinions expressed here are those of the individual participants. Curry Coast Community Radio...

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Mayor Pieper’s Facebook Chats

“In an attempt to better reach the community, I began doing live webcasts Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 6pm. I try to answer questions, provide context for decision making, explain decisions made, and better connect with people of Brookings.

This is an outlet for the community to better understand local government and know their Mayor. I only represent my personal views and not the City of Brookings or the Brookings City Council.”

– Mayor Jake Pieper

You can watch Mayor Pieper’s chats live at Mayor Pieper’s “dining room chats” Facebook page. Past chats can be viewed anytime at Mayor Pieper’s “dining room chats” Facebook page, or you can listen to the audio enhanced for easier listening on KCIW’s Mayor Pieper Facebook chats page.



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