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Curry Coast Community Radio KCIW 100.7 FM

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Our Community: Community Care

What is self care, and how is community care different? Join Our Community host Candice Michel and Brookings CORE Response's Diana Cooper as they discuss what this looks like and how necessary it is for the overall health of a community. Host: Candice Michel; Guest:...

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Our Community: Church and State

Join Our Community host Candice Michel and Brookings CORE Response Executive Director Diana Cooper as they discuss the latest move by the Brookings City Council to curtail services to our unsheltered community. Host: Candice Michel; Guest: Diana Cooper; Producer:...

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The Latest from KCIW NEWS

KCIW News: KCIW looks at the Brookings E.R.’s First Year

KCIW News: KCIW looks at the Brookings E.R.’s First Year

The Curry Health Network opened the first stand-alone Emergency Room in Oregon at its Fifth Street Brookings facility in December of 2019, right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. KCIW looks at the E.R.’s first year in business, tells you how it did, how the pandemic...

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KCIW News: COVID in Curry County

KCIW News: COVID in Curry County

Curry County announced its first confirmed cases of COVID-19 in April and it took 8 months to reach 100 cases. But it took just weeks ... from Thanksgiving to December 21 ... to bring that total to 254.  So how prepared is Curry County for this surge in COVID Cases? ...

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 Former Brookings Mayor Jake Pieper’s Facebook Chats

“In an attempt to better reach the community, I began doing live webcasts Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 6pm. I try to answer questions, provide context for decision making, explain decisions made, and better connect with people of Brookings.

This is an outlet for the community to better understand local government and know their Mayor. I only represent my personal views and not the City of Brookings or the Brookings City Council.”

– Mayor Jake Pieper

You can watch Mayor Pieper’s chats live at Mayor Pieper’s “dining room chats” Facebook page. Past chats can be viewed anytime at Mayor Pieper’s “dining room chats” Facebook page, or you can listen to the audio-enhanced for easier listening on KCIW’s Mayor Pieper Facebook chats page.


UPDATE: Jake Pieper resigned from his position as Mayor of Brookings on April 13, 2021. He talks about the reasons he resigned in the 31st episode of KCIW’s Building Bridges program recorded on April 14.


KCIW is the only community radio station serving the local Brookings-Harbor community . . . and beyond.

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About KCIW 100.7FM

Founded in 2014, KCIW 100.7 FM is the leading public radio station serving the local Brookings-Harbor community and surrounding areas with a blend of music, various news, public affairs, and a range of programs.

KCIW 100.7 FM’s mission is to provide a platform in our community for the free exchange of artistic expression, information, and differing points of view, and to encourage cooperation and collaboration among our local government entities, schools, service groups, other non-profits, and population segments whose voices are often not heard, such as veterans, the elderly, elementary, middle, and high school students, and indigenous people, to strengthen our sense of community and work toward a better future for all residents of Curry County.

Discussion Forums

We provide a forum for local government officials and community leaders to dialog with the public through interviews, round-table discussions, and forums.

Showcasing The Arts

We showcase local arts, music, literary, and drama through the broadcast of locally-produced music, radio drama, poetry and prose readings, and interviews with musicians, artists, and authors.

Encouraging Participation

We encourage students and other community members to participate in program production and station operation, allowing them to gain valuable verbal, organizational, and technical skills that can be used in other aspects of life.


Curry Coast Community Radio is looking for volunteers! No matter what you area of interest, skill level, or experience, we have a place for you. If you interested in joining our team, sign up and our volunteer coordinator will contact you with more information. We have immediate needs for …


  • Station manager
  • Program director
  • Music director
  • Show producers
  • Broadcast engineer
  • Sound engineer
  • Event coordinator
  • Secretarial/office
  • … and more
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