With Lizard Zurko’s help, Angela, AEthergis and Tsubasa succeed in rescuing Angelita. Tsubasa sacrifices his left wing to Angelita so she can fly back to Shavano, but Lucifer wants to destroy earth which leaves everyone in an existential crisis as the cycle of loss, prejudice, war, and destruction would keep repeating. Pop God finally wins out. Angelita returns to Shavano. Angela and Zurko get ready for their 10-year high school reunion.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Host: Billie Ruth Furuichi; Producer: Billie Ruth Furuichi

Story by Billie Ruth Furuichi. Music by Samuel Rex Spivey , edited clips from David Blink on the Pantheon Steel Halo Handpan, and piano & vocal by Roberta Hopkins Spivey. Used with permission.

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