Angelita & Ӕthergis in Outer Space – A Radio Drama
© 2023 Brookings, Oregon. Billie Ruth Hopkins Furuichi

CHARACTERS (in order of appearance)

POP GOD. Drives RV through Earth’s past, present, and future & watches on big screen TV in his Dark Matter Domain

MOTHER AETHONDRA. Also Wanda on Earth. Likes to take remote away from Pop God

ӔTHERGIS-the-Cat. Centuries old/ THE WAY to peace, love, and harmony

ANGELITA. Zapotec maiden in love with Shavano; loses one wing when ripped through black hole to planet of Ӕtherious

SHAVANO. Legendary Ute Warrior in love with Angelita/throws himself into crystalline caves becoming Angel of Mt. Shavano; also TSUBASA, legendary Samurai Warrior and Peace Negotiator on the planet of Ӕtherious

ANGELA PEREZ. Snarky pre-teen. Travels to the planet of Ӕtherious to rescue Angelita and return her to Shavano; Wisteria Perez’ daughter and Grama Gaw Gaw’s granddaughter

WANDA HOPKINS/GRAMA GAW GAW. Ute Native; tells Legend of Shavano; believes in UFOs and her wacky, recurring dreams

ZURKO. Angela’s ‘brother’ born with one short leg due to poison water in Afghanistan; also ZURKO Lizard Venusian living on the sand dune side of planet Ӕtherious

WISTERIA PEREZ. Wanda’s half-breed daughter rejected by Ute elders; Angela’s mother, critical of her mother’s wacky beliefs; also ӔTHERIA in Pop God’s Dark Matter Domain

JENNIFER GAYLORD. Angela’s BFF; also LILITH in Pop God’s Dark Matter Domain

CLARISSA DALLOWAY. Crestone High School English teacher in love with Sr. Roel/ directs stage version of Angelita and Shavano Legend; also EVE in Pop God’s Dark Matter Domain

SR. ROEL. Crestone High School Spanish teacher in love with Wisteria/co-directs stage version of Angelita and Shavano Legend; also ӔTHERIOUS-the-flying-unicorn on Ӕtherious

ӔTHERIOUS -the-flying unicorn/Lord of planet Ӕtherious; also SR. ROEL in Crestone, in love with Wisteria Perez

TSUBASA-the-one-winged angel, legendary Samurai Warrior turned Peace negotiator between Lizard Venusians and Forest Fairies; in love with Angelita; also legendary SHAVANO

FOREST FAIRIES. Ӕtherian voices of shattered crystalline Orbs (PCRTDs Personal Communication, Recording and Transportation Devices from lost Mothership Ӕthondra after Earth’s final destruction

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