Angela and AEthergis sneak out of the house while Angela’s mom reads The Master and Margarita. Pop God documents their every move as Angela and AEthergis make the precarious, icy climb up Mt. Shavano to see if Grama Gaw Gaw’s stories are really true. They slip and fall into the crystalline caves at Shavano’s heart-space and are swept through a wormhole, landing on the desert side of the distant planet of AEtherious.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Host: Billie Ruth Furuichi; Producer: Billie Ruth Furuichi

Story by Billie Ruth Furuichi. Music by Billie’s grandnephew, Samuel Rex Spivey, and edited clips from David Blink’s new CD, ASI COMIENZA, Planta Electrica with David Blink on the Pantheon Steel Halo Handpan, and featuring Juan Alzate, Rodrigo Nefthali and Rodnigo Esquivel.

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