Angela is 17 years old when she and AEthergis embark on their second journey to Ӕtherious. Landing on the top of the Mt. Regeneration and riding down Regenration River on a huge tropical leaf. They meet the Forest Faeries and Angelita, who tells how she arrived on the planet of AEtherious. As she tells her story, Angelita is taken hostage by a gang of lizard Venusians, including Zurko! Angela wakes up and realizes that she has been dreaming.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Host: Billie Ruth Furuichi; Producer: Billie Ruth Furuichi

Story by Billie Ruth Furuichi. Music by Samuel Rex Spivey and edited clips from David Blink on the Pantheon Steel Halo Handpan. Special Meditation Chant by Roberta Hopkins Spivey. Used with permission.

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