As Pop God threatens to delete humanity and start all over as chocolate chip cookies, Mother Ӕthondra, Goddess Ӕtheria, and Lilith take the remote control away from him, leaving the littlest Angelita a in a tantrum, crying for oatmeal raisin, while Thor, sick of woke cultural diversity, demands macaroons for Anglo-Saxon purity. Mother Ӕthondra tells Angelita the story of the loveless Lizard Venusians. Goddess Ӕtheria gathers her ethereal choir to rehearse a meditation chant.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Host: Billie Ruth Furuichi; Producer: Billie Ruth Furuichi

Story by Billie Ruth Furuichi. Music by Samuel Rex Spivey and edited clips from David Blink on the Pantheon Steel Halo Handpan. Special Meditation Chant by Roberta Hopkins Spivey. Used with permission.

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