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In this episode of Community Organizer, Scott Clapson talks with Alyssa Babin about the Wild & Scenic Film Festival which will take place on Saturday, May 28th, at 7:00 PM at the Port of Brookings-Harbor Kite Field.

The film festival is hosted by Wild and Scenic Rivers, a local nonprofit focused on protecting and advocating for our wild and scenic natural spaces. Alyssa Babin is the Founder and Executive Director of Wild and Scenic Rivers.

Two of the films featured in the evening’s event showcase footage from two of our local rivers.

Tickets are $10, and volunteers are needed to help with the event.

Special thank you to Relay for Life for cosponsoring the event.

For more information contact Alyssa Babin at AlyssaBabin@gmail.com, 415-786-3304.

Host: Scott Clapson; Producer: Scott Clapson

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