In this premier episode of World of Media, host Dane Tippman wants to know: “What is Pokémon Go?”

To answer that question, Dane reached out to Alaya Lynne and her friend Akeyma, the leaders of a local Facebook group called “Catch em all: Pokémon Go Neighborhood Watch.

Three Images

Left: Akeyma (left) holding Espeon, and Alaya Lynne (right) holding Umbreon | Center: Pokémon Go Neighborhood Watch Co-Admin Mitch Gearheart, showing Pokémon Omega Ruby on the Nintendo 3DS gaming system | Right: Alaya Lynne’s artwork of the Pokémon known as Charizard

Lynne and Akeyma, both long-time Pokémon fans, visited the studio to discuss the game, its history, and its impact on the surrounding community – including tips on how to stay safe and be the very best while playing Pokémon Go.

Listeners can connect with and join “Catch em all: Pokémon Go Neighborhood Watch” as well as many other local and regional Pokémon Go groups on Facebook.

Two Images

Left: Photoshopped image showing a simulated Pokémon battle between Akeyma and her Corgi, Penny, and Gavin Olson with his Pokémon Lapras | Right: Alaya Lynne holding a Pokédex, a handheld device that provides players with information about the Pokémon they see and catch


Program Notes

If you have a ‘Pokestop’ or ‘Gym’ on your property, or you are the representative of a property or business and want to request the removal of a Pokestop or Gym, use the following ticket system to communicate your need to the company that runs the game:

We asked Alaya Lynne to provide some news articles and video links to support statements made during the interview, and her organization provided us with several such links.

Ms. Lynne provided us with this NowThis social media news video link:–LK_1hqw

Alaya Lynne provided a article regarding the social and economic effects of Pokémon Go:

Alaya Lynne provided this link to an ABC News Show on Pokémon Go Players:

Alaya Lynne provided this Today report on a child with autism playing the game:

Ms. Lynne provided a link to a video created by a Pokémon Go player with tips for playing and player health:

Pokémon Go Del Norte County Facebook Group:

Pokémon Go Brookings Facebook Group:

We discuss the fire at the Smith River School on July 20, 2016, during the interview. Ms. Lynne tells us that a Pokémon Go player reported the fire. We both attempted to reach out to the player in question, but did not receive a response to corroborate their story. Here are two Triplicate articles regarding the fire, the second being more in-depth: and

Host: Dane Tippman; Producer: Dane Tippman; Recording Tech: Dane Tippman; Sound Editor: Dane Tippman; Copy Editor: Katlyn Temple

The Facebook group “Catch em all: Pokémon Go Neighborhood Watch” can be found at
You can see Alaya Lynne’s artwork at her Facebook page,
Beginning and end music was provided by local musician Cory A.G.. Thank you Cory A.G.! His website and soundcloud are and

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