This edition of Community Conversations is a very special veterans edition with Curry County Veterans Service Officer (VSO) Anthony “Tony” Voudy and Vietnam veteran Richard Donald discussing current veterans issues with show host Connie Hunter. All involved with this interview truly honor veterans and their families through their community service.

Curry County Veterans Service Officer Tony Voudy

Curry County Veterans Service Officer Tony Voudy

Tony is responsible for providing services to the veteran community and their families in Gold Beach, Port Orford, and Brookings, Oregon. Commissioner Susan Brown is the supervisor over the County VSO position.

An Iraq War veteran who understands the complex issues associated with being a veteran, VSO Tony ensures a caring compassionate and safe environment for veterans and their families. Tony is credited with building trust to meet the individual needs of veterans from all conflict areas. Quoting the Winter Edition of the Curry County Newsletter, “Regardless, if a veteran is 80 years old and served in WWII, or a newly discharged veteran, Anthony is always ready and willing to help.”

Richard works with Curry Coast Community Radio’s programming committee developing the new veterans advocacy series called the Wild Rivers Veterans Program. He belongs to a number of veterans groups including the Vietnam Veterans of America and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. In addition, Richard sits on the working committee for the “green building” that is developing a business plan to fill gaps in care for our veterans through a variety of programs, including vocational rehabilitation. Richard was previously an employee of the Veterans Administration healthcare system and is always willing to speak on behalf of veterans.

PRODUCERS’ NOTES: Special thanks to Jim Newman, tech guy extraordinaire, for co-producing this show. As an Associate of Vietnam Veterans of America,  Jim is a staunch supporter of veterans. Jim also drives veterans to medical appointments on behalf of the VA. We can’t wait until the Wild Rivers Veterans show is “on the air”!

Much appreciation to our donors, sponsors, and founding members for helping us serve those who have served us.

Host: Connie Hunter; Producers: Connie Hunter, Jim Newman, Richard Donald; Recording tech: Jim Newman

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual participants. Curry Coast Community Radio takes no position on issues discussed in this program.

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