Angela Ewing talks with local writers Georgia Cockerham and Karl Sandstrom about their creative work and their volunteer activities here in Curry County.

Wildlife Friends BookPoetry lovers everywhere will enjoy the poetry of Georgia Cockerham who has published a children’s book of Poetry: Wildlife Friends, Northwest Coast, inspired by the animals and birds that frequent the ocean beaches and scenic countryside surrounding their coastal home. Georgia also illustrated the book to be both whimsical and educational. Georgia is at work on her second children’s book and short fictional stories. When not writing, she volunteers for the Northwest Coast Chapter of The Compassionate Friends, Inc.

Karl Sandstrom writes love poems and is known for his lyrics that have been recorded and set to music by Gil Kirk on the keyboard at Sebastians. Karl is in the process of writing a children’s story about a talking cat and dog. He is very involved in volunteer programs for the local churches and philanthropic organizations in Brookings.

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