Cannabis Uncovered is a brand new series featuring co-hosts Karen Rossman Clark and Linda Bozack uncovering information that has been kept under wraps in our country for many years.

Cannabis PlantIn this first program, Linda and Karen chat about the changing culture surrounding marijuana and the new faces of responsible marijuana use. Both Karen and Linda have personally witnessed many of these changes, having been teenagers and young adults in the 60’s.

While helping her mother during her final chapter of life, Karen learned how effective medical cannabis can be in treating pain while avoiding damaging side effects from pharmaceuticals. And, she discovered the joys of producing edibles right in her own kitchen.

Because Karen has many friends who are also in need of information about using marijuana as a medicine, she started a website and Facebook page. Sharing information is Karen’s passion, so she invites listeners to browse her informative website and Facebook pages, and to contact her with questions and comments related to medical marijuana:

Hosts: Karen Rossman Clark, LInda Bozack; Producer: Linda Bozack

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual participants. Curry Coast Community Radio takes no position on issues discussed in this program.

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