Mr. & Mrs. Ramsbottom visit the Zoo. There are Lions and Tigers and Camels. Old ale and sandwiches too.

Curry Coast Community Radio is pleased to present The Lion and Albert, a short story read by Angela Ewing

Dear Listener,

“The Lion & Albert,” is a humorous monologue written in 1932 by Marriott Edgar and recorded for radio by Stanley Holloway. The second part, ‘Albert’s Return’ was written in 1933. Listening to this monologue, you will hear the emphasis is on the last word of each verse’s second line. It was intended to be read aloud with a Lancashire accent for the humor to be obvious.

Angela Ewing

Host: Angela Ewing; Producer: Angela Ewing; Recording Tech: Justin Only; Sound Editor: Justin Only

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Intro and end music: Plumber’s Rag, by Jason Shaw, from, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Image from, in the public domain.

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