Lakeside Main Street, 1940

Lakeside Main Street in 1940. Roy Currier was an entrepreneur who had a connection with the Hollywood crowd. He built steam heated cabins in Lakeside (shown on the left of this picture) that still remained for several years for wealthy travelers after Roy Currier returned to Los Angeles in 1935. Only one cabin remains to show that Currier’s Village ever existed.

Ewing’s Doing’s host Angela Ewing has been exploring the coastal towns of Southern Oregon for many years. In her travels she has discovered secrets that have been hidden by layers of time in some out-of-the-way places. One of them is Lakeside, a tiny community so easily missed when you travel up the coast from Curry County to Winchester Bay and Reedsport.

But it’s there, a small village, if you will. It can hardly be called a city, but it has a fascinating history that she unearthed years ago when she was a contributing writer for Oregon Coast Magazine.

Host: Angela Ewing, Producer: Angela Ewing, Recording Engineer: Justin Only, Sound Editor: Justin Only

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