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In this episode of Perspectives in Healthcare, Nanaymie Godfrey of Coos Health and Wellness, sits down with Scott Clapson to talk about sharing the wisdom of healthy aging communities and the Blue Zones Project. Nanaymie discusses with Scott  ways we can positively share the wisdom of the elders in our community. The largest aspects of this wisdom sharing are listening, participating, and engaging with each other in our communities.

Nanaymie Godfrey

Nanaymie Godfrey

Community members have a right to speak up about the needs in their area and what works well in one place maybe need to adapted to fit the needs of another community. We need to find what we have in common and come together in a unified voice. The people who have been most disenfranchised often have the most creative solutions. We need to be looking outside the current systems or we are going to replicate more of the same.

Seeing the glass as half full and the opportunities for positive change is the key to resiliency. We can transform our systems of care by people caring for people.

Host: Scott Clapson, Producer: Scott Clapson

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