In this special episode of Community Organizer, host Scott Clapson talks with Dr. Beth Walden about what inspired here to dedicate her life to helping others, the path that brought her here to Brookings, and the role of faith, and the importance of both giving and receiving in personal fulfillment.

Beth Walden

Beth Walden

During her teenage years, Dr. Walden’s father would accuse her of being, “good for nothing.”  But now, that is exactly what she aspires to be by volunteering for multiple organizations and activities. She moved to the Brookings area just this last July after several years of research and two scouting trips. In her short time here she has become deeply involved in the community.

Beth currently volunteers for the Chetco Activity Center and Coastal Home Health and Hospice, and is a member of the local CERT Emergency Communications team.

In her conversation with Scott they discuss how volunteering feeds their souls and how “Ayni“– sacred reciprocity – serves to lift a whole community.

Host: Scott Clapson, Producer: Scott Clapson

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