In this edition of Ewing’s Doing’s, KCIW’s multi-talented Angela Ewing talks with Richard Leathers, a local photographer.

Richard Leathers Photo

Richard Leathers Photo “Friendship”

Richard Leathers is one of those people who are reluctant to talk about their skills and talent in our artistic community of Brookings, Oregon. Only by asking questions does one get to understand the complexity of Richard’s art and his love of nature revealed in his clever photography.

Richard discovered his love of taking pictures in the 70’s at Berkeley, California. His first camera was a Pentax, and until he purchased a cheap Kodak digital, he had no idea what fun photography could be.

Now, after winning numerous awards in Brookings for his unique imagery and style, he uses a Canon with two lenses, wide and telephoto to show his work in galleries around town.

Host: Angela Ewing, Producer: Angela Ewing, Recording Tech: Justin Only, Sound Editor: Justin Only

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