Powerful PoetryWelcome back to Powerful Poetry! In this program, we explore poetry and prose with Dr. Michelle Mitchell-Foust and her students at the Brookings-Harbor High School. Dr. Foust is an accomplished poet, author, Pulitzer Prize nominee, and teacher of math, drama, and creative writing at the Brookings-Harbor High School. She is joined by here her students who conduct interviews and present poetry of their own creation, as well as the poems of published authors.

Time codes for your convenience:

00:31 through 03:03 – Students Breanna App and Josie Vital practice interviewing with Dr. Foust.
03:03 through 04:12 – Dr. Foust reads the poem Bride by Jeanne Marie Beaumont.
04:12 through 06:10 – Dr. Foust reads a poem by Thom Gunn entitled Hitch-Hiker, written for Jeffrey Dahmer.
06:10 through 09:10 – The students and Dr. Foust discuss The Day the Saucers Came by Neil Gaiman, Mr. Grinch by Dr. Seuss, and The Death of King Arthur whose author is anonymous. They further discuss The Werewolf by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, as well as The Eve on Exodus by Samantha Woehl.
09:10 through 10:49 – Dr. Foust reads Scarecrow by Jennifer Clement.
10:49 through 11:21 – Musical intermission thanks to Derek Thomas Dew, also known as Touchless Remover.
11:21 through 12:46 – Jason Johnson reads a brief bio on Dr. Foust and the origin of the Monster Verse anthology.
12:46 through 15:50 – Dr. Foust reads Distorting Mirrors, Split Selves and the Origin of Monsters, the intro of Monster Verse.
15:50 through 17:20 – Dr. Foust reads The Man With a Hole in His Head by Rick Bursky.
17:20 through 18:38 – Student and poet Linda Horton reads Brother, Sister by Carsen West.
18:38 through 19:24 – Carmen Ryan reads The Visitor by Tess Taylor.
19:24 through 20:07 – Wesley Griffith reads My Son Throws Sticks in the River by Chris Davidson.
20:07 through 21:55 – Breanna App and Josie Vital interview student and poet Brooke Hodges on her experiences in the Creative Writing class of Brookings-Harbor High School, and how it has inspired her writing and her feelings about nature.
21:55 through 24:11 – Breanna App and Josie Vital ask student and poet Carmen Ryan about her writing history and her relationship with poetry.
24:11 through 33:13 – Student and poet Travis Chadwick reads his original poetic creations respectively titled The Monster Under Our Seas, Animals, Poisonous Years, and Us Militant Freakshows. He discusses his work with our two intrepid interviewers.

Host: Dr. Michelle Mitchell-Foust; Producer: Dane Tippman; Recording Tech: Dane Tippman; Sound Editor: Dane Tippman

Student participation in this school-approved learning and creativity project is by the express permission of the students and their parents or guardians, and is conducted with the guidance of Dr. Foust and the approval of Brookings-Harbor High School Principal Lisa Dion. Names and pictures included in this posting, and the names of students mentioned in the show itself, were provided to Curry Coast Community Radio by the Brookings-Harbor School District with permission from the students and their parents or guardians in accordance with School Board Policy “JOB – Personally Identifiable Information” and the Brookings-Harbor High School form “Releasing Student Directory Information” signed by the parents or guardians. In accordance with the “Releasing Student Directory Information” form, a letter of prior notification was sent to the home of record for the student at least 15 days prior to the release of this information, or a phone call was made in lieu of letter in certain situations.

Music is provided for this program by Derek Thomas Dew, who is known as Touchless Remover. Beginning and end sound is selected from Black Rookery, and our intermission music is Studious Portland. The Soundcloud for Touchless Remover is https://soundcloud.com/touchlessremover.

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