In this edition of Community Conversations, Port Orford’s Mayor Jim Auborn and host Connie Hunter discuss the upcoming meeting concerning veterans’ healthcare needs.

Port Orford Mayor Jim Auborn

Port Orford Mayor Jim Auborn

On Friday, January 15, stakeholders in the Veterans Administration (VA) Roseburg Healthcare System will meet at Southwestern Oregon Community College Curry Campus to explore ways to close the many gaps in Curry County veterans’ healthcare. Mayor Auborn is a community leader on veterans’ issues, especially in the areas of mental health, transportation, and housing, and he endorses community-based programs to address these needs. As a veteran himself, he is in a good position to understand the needs of fellow veterans.

The January 15 Veterans’ Healthcare Stakeholders Meeting is an important step in efforts to build partnerships between the Roseburg VA Healthcare System and community-based providers, placing Curry County veterans in position to benefit from improved services. Sign-in for the meeting is at 9:30 AM.

Host: Connie Hunter; Producer: Connie Hunter; Recording tech: Jim Newman

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