Introducing Angela Ewing and Ewing’s Doings, Angela’s new show. The arts community in Brookings knows Angela as a story-writer, a storyteller, the force behind Artistic License (every 4th Friday at Brian Scott Gallery, in season), and one of the agents of the Second Saturday Art Walks. The gardening community knows Angela as a master gardener and an expert on English Gardens. KCIW can hardly claim to be introducing her, but perhaps we can share a word about this remarkable woman.

Working with Angela, one can’t help but get the feeling that one has fallen into the midst of an Agatha Christie novel. Perhaps that is why her card reads, “undercover agent”. Angela just seems the sort to land in the thick of everything while only seeming to be puttering about in her garden. We at Curry Coast Community Radio are so pleased to have her on board.

You will find more about Angela her vision for Ewing’s Doings in the show, and we hope you enjoy her first reading with us. We look forward to working with her as we move from this first foray, and develop her show to it’s full potential.

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