The azalea plants in Brookings’ Azalea Park are in trouble. Over the years the environment in Azalea Park has become less hospitable to the park’s namesake azalea plants, and the plants are suffering. The Brookings Parks and Recreation Division has a plan to fix the problem that they are confident will assure that these wonderful Azalea Park flowers will thrive for decades to come.

Rhododendron Occidentale

Native Azalea, Rhododendron Occidentale

In this segment of Our Community, host Candice Michel talks with Brookings’ Parks and Technical Services Supervisor Tony Baron and Curry County Master Gardener Coordinator Scott Thiemann about the state of our native azaleas and the upcoming efforts to rejuvenate them.

Host: Candice Michel, Producer: Candice Michel, Recording Tech: Justin Only, Sound Editor: Justin Only

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