The long running movie-review podcast Not Quite Classic Theater has come to KCIW! Brookings native Jake Westbrook and cohost Casey Faris have a simple job. They’re just supposed to watch a movie and tell you about it. That’s all. The thing is, they tend to get carried away sometimes. These things can happen when you’re left to your own devices and large quantities of caffeine.

We all knew this was coming. Jake and Casey saw The Emoji Movie this week, and all those rumors you’ve heard are true. This movie is a painful experience; it does everything but leap off the screen and physically spit in your face. This film is an affront to mankind itself, and we as human beings should be ashamed that one of our own produced this. In short, it sucked. Plain and simple. Tune in and hear our full and complete misery-laden commentary.

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Hosts/Performers: Jake Westbrook and Casey Faris; Producer: Jake Westbrook; Recording Tech: Jake Westbrook; Sound Editor: Jake Westbrook

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