Disability Pride DayIn this edition of Cultural Connections, Michael Penney hosts special coverage of the 2nd Annual NorCal Disability Pride Day event at Beachfront Park in Crescent City, California, on Sept. 4, 2015. NorCal Disability Pride Day is a platform to publicly embrace disabilities and empower people with all abilities to raise their voices and pursue their dreams.

Sit back and enjoy the program as Michael hosts the opening ceremony with Native American philosophy, storytelling, and traditional music. Special thanks to Joseph Fernandez on the flute, drums, and back-up vocals. Share in the enthusiasm as Michael interviews event coordinator and Master of Ceremonies Steve Jackson, and keynote speaker Chris Miller (special needs advocate from Redwood Coast Regional Center).

This year’s Disability Pride Day was organized by New Dawn Support Services, Pelican Bay State Prison, and Party Girls of Del Norte and Curry County.

Host: Michael Penney, Producer: Skip Hunter, Music by Michael Penney, Recording Tech: Jim Newman, Sound Editor: Justin Only

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