In this edition of Community Conversations, two special guests help decipher the Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA) prepared for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Natural Disaster Resilience Competition Grant Competition (NDRC) request for federal funding. This special report provides an in-depth look at the life-saving advantages of having an Emergency Department with expanded healthcare services in south Curry County.

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Community Resilience Grant Presentation (click to view, PDF file)

Find out why the premier BCA analyst in the U.S. gives a 20 to 1 ratio (benefit over cost) for this NDRC project. Brookings City Manager Gary Milliman provides factual information regarding the BCA prepared by Dr. Ken Goettel demonstrating that expanded healthcare project in the NDRC application is overwhelmingly cost-effective.

Milliman is joined by Southwestern Oregon Community College’s Sociology instructor Skip Hunter, who provides a better understanding of Goettel’s research method. If you aren’t sure about the differences between qualitative and quantitative research methods, Skip’s clarification may be very helpful.

After a recent public meeting in which the Port Commission discussed Goettel’s BCA in less than stellar terms, Community Conversations’ show host, Connie Hunter, continues to provide fair, balanced, factual, and credible commentary. Access to critically important healthcare is a fundamental human right and is cornerstone to a healthy community. Geottel’s work provides an understanding of how an emergency department with expanded healthcare services will benefit OUR community at large.

Click HERE to view or download Dr. Goettel’s Benefit Cost Analysis (PDF file).
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Hosts: Connie Hunter, Skip Hunter, Producer: Connie Hunter, Recording tech: Justin Only, Sound editor: Justin Only

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