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This segment of Community Conversations provides additional information about the Natural Disaster Resilience Competition Grant Competition (NDRC), phase 2. This is perhaps the single most important funding opportunity that our “neck of the woods” has ever had and will provide both economic and public safety resiliency benefits to the Brookings-Harbor Community. This grant application could bring well over $20 million in federal funding to Brookings-Harbor and Curry County.

Brookings City Manager Gary Milliman and show host Connie Hunter provide additional in-depth reporting on this very important effort to make our “neck of the woods” more resilient to disasters. An important part of the NDRC grant application is citizens’ participation which demonstrates community buy-in and support. Milliman encourages citizens to get involved and be a part of the solution. Hunter believes that people will pull together over the NDRC grant application opportunity.

Questions or letters expressing support for the NDRC project should be directed to City Manager Gary Milliman at

Host: Connie Hunter, Producer: Connie Hunter, Recording tech: Justin Only, Sound editor: Justin Only

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