Curry Coast Community Radio is pleased to present The Golden Arm, a short story written by Jim Grandjean and read by Lon Goddard …

Jim Grandjean has been a writer for many years and has short stories on Kindle Fire. When I asked him about his inspiration for writing the “Golden Arm,” he answered. “I like baseball, underdogs, and the fact that you can’t judge a book by its cover.” He added, “Sometimes as in my story, life gets in the way and we have to change the landscape of our dreams.” That does sum it up succinctly. It is a story with a message for all of us.

Lon Goddard

Lon Goddard

Not only is Lon Goddard well known in the music venues in Brookings, he was prominent in the publishing world of famous musicians in the U.K. many years ago. For me, as a writer and story teller, finding a voice to fit the genre of this poignant baseball story written by James Grandjean was very important. I chose Lon, because as an actor with the Pelican Players in Brookings, he immediately knew the personalities of the characters portrayed in the story.

I hope you will enjoy “The Golden Arm,” Written by James Grandjean and read by Lon Goddard for KCIW, Curry Coast Community Radio.

– Angela Ewing, Producer

Host: Angela Ewing; Producer: Angela Ewing; Recording Tech: Justin Only; Sound Editors: Justin Only, Sonia Gray
Story used with permission of the author, Jim Grandjean, read by Lon Goddard.

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Intro and end music: Golden Fields and Wheat Fields, licensed from; Take Me Out to the Ballgame, performed by Kevin MacLeod, from, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.
The Golder Arm used with permission of the author, Jim Grandjean.

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