KCIW and the Chetco Pelican Players presents: Macbeth, An Audio Drama

The brave Scottish General Macbeth happens upon a trio of witches who proclaim that he will become the King of Scotland. Macbeth finds himself committing the ultimate sin of regicide, and is quickly launched into a physical and mental struggle to maintain his kingship from the threats and enemies that he sees around every corner… whether they are there or not.

This full-cast adaptation immerses listeners in one of William Shakespeare’s darkest tales of unchecked ambition, supernatural forces, and the all-too-human thirst for power.

Cast and Crew

Bryan Stansbury as Macbeth
Katlyn Temple as Lady Macbeth, MacDuff’s Son, and the Frightened Soldier
Scotty Oka as MacDuff
Mason McKinney as Lennox and Murderer 1
Emily Harding as Ross
Jason Liddell as Banquo and the Doctor
Lei’la’ Bryant as Witch 1
Denise Rusk as Witch 2 and Messenger
Cheri Griffith as Witch 3 and Servant
Andrew Simmons as Malcolm and Murderer 2
Jessie Holley as Lady Macduff and the Porter
Boyd Allen as King Duncan and Seyton
Wanda Spragg as the Nun
Lily McCormick as Fleance

Boyd Allen – Director
Andrew Simmons – Assistant Director
Katlyn Temple – Dramaturge and Technical Director
Soundtrack by Katlyn Temple and Andrew Simmons

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