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Recent accusations of corruption during Curry County Board of Commissioners meetings prompted KCIW to take a closer look at the people in charge of our county. Is there corruption here? KCIW conducted more than a dozen interviews over a four month period to find out, and what we discovered was systemic issues of harassment, threats, abuse of power, and possible election fraud at the highest levels of county government.


Commissioner Boice Email Claiming Corruption

Former Facilities Director Brewer Statement to Board of Commissioners

Former Facilities Director Brewer Employee Evaluation

Former Facilities Director Brewer Voter Notices

Emergency Operations Director Dumire Resignation Letter

Sweet Family Letter Concerning Commissioner Boice Residence in Curry County

Commissioner Boice Letter Requesting Commissioner Gold Resignation

Commissioner Boice Public Letter Objecting to Hiring Building Inspector Stauffer

Other Related Documents

Program Transcript

Full Commissioner Boice Interview:

Commissioner Boice agreed to an interview only if KCIW provided him with a copy of the audio file. That is an unusual request, but KCIW felt it important to hear from Commissioner Boice, so we agreed to his condition. You can hear the interview in its entirety here:


Reporter: Lori Gallo Stoddard

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