Ira Tozer

Ira Tozer “The Waver”

If you live in the Brookings-Harbor area or are a frequent visitor you’ve probably seen the “the waving man” enthusiastically waving at passing cars on Highway 101 in Brookings. You may even know that his name is Ira Tozer and that he’s a long-time Brookings resident.

But why does the waving man wave? What’s he like when he’s not spreading positive energy to passersby on the highway? You can find out in this edition of Community Organizer.

Host Scott Clapson talks with Ira Tozer about his enthusiasm, helping others, technology, volunteering, and sharing love. And waving!

Ira is an inspiration to many people in Brookings-Harbor as well as those passing though town who are fortunately enough to encounter him. Thank you Ira for all you bring to our community.

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