Interview with Sue Gold

Apr 9, 2020

This Episode

Sue Gold

You Will Learn

  • What the Board of Commissioner are doing to prepare for COVID-19
  • How Curry County, Curry Health Network, Oregon Health Authority are working together
  • Sues advice to Curry County residents.

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Interview with Sue Gold

KCIW reporter Lori Gallo-Stoddard interviews Curry County Board of Commissioner Sue Gold about COVID-19.



[00:19] Sue discusses her phone call with Congressman DeFazio

[01:37] She discusses how Curry County is working with Curry Health Network and how will the recent news of CHN furloughing doctors will effect us?

[02:55] Sue tells us what she knows about the 3 positive COVID-19 case in Curry County

[05:22] Sue gives an update on what the Board of Commissioner and Curry County is activity doing.


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