Welcome to I Love To Watch You Play, the show that educates, entertains, and inspires; for the person that wants to be the best version of themselves. Hosted by Azalea Middle School Vice-Principal and Athletics Director and Brookings-Harbor High School Boys Basketball Coach Buell Gonzales Jr. and Chris Schofield, Brookings-Harbor High School Girls Basketball Coach.

Our special guest is Dan O’Brien, former Azalea Middle School Math teacher and coach of several sports at our schools! Mr. O’Brien returned to Brookings to see the 2018 graduation and was more than happy to join us on our program.

If you’re interested in providing feedback on the show, or if you’d like to apply to be a guest, e-mail Dane Tippman at dane.tippman@kciw.org or Buell Gonzales at buellg@brookings.k12.or.us.

For more great High-School radio shows, check out the Brookings-Harbor High School radio page, a proud partner of Curry Coast Community Radio!

Hosts: Buell Gonzales Jr. , Chris Schofield
Guest: Dan O’Brien
Dane Tippman, Buell Gonzales Jr.
Recording Tech: Dane Tippman
Sound Editor: Dane Tippman

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Image by Dane Tippman

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