Heroes Don’t Take Water Breaks is a sketch comedy program by a band of friends and brothers, including Maclane Westbrook, Jadin Payne, Quarry Sarabia, Gage Westbrook, Laurie Buehler, McKenna Davis, Miranda Wolfers, and Jed Doan. Written by Maclane and Jake Westbrook, the show presents satires, parodies, and re-creations of classic scripts.

The infamous Beast Hunters are back, and this time they’re going toe to hairy, blackened toe with ghosts and ephemeral spirits! Ride along with these redneck frauds in this exciting episode!

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Producers: Maclane Westbrook, Jake Westbrook, Dane Tippman
Performers: Maclane Westbrook, Gage Westbrook, McKenna Davis-Overly, Dane Tippman, Jadin Payne
Recording Tech: Dane Tippman

Sound Editors: Jake Westbrook, Dane Tippman

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Intro music is “September and Echo”, an original composition composed and performed by Casey Farris. It uses remixed old time radio sound bites and synth tracks assembled by Casey Farris. Old time radio audio is in the public domain.
Dixie Outlandish (Sting) by John Deley is from the YouTube Audio Library and is used in accordance with the YouTube Audio Library terms of service.
Corncob and Gnarled Situation are by Kevin MacLeod, from incomptec.com, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.
A clip is played from “The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show”, an old time ratio show in the public domain.
Other Sound effects used in the show are licensed from wavebrigade.com.

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