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Heroes Don’t Take Water Breaks is a sketch comedy program by a band of friends and brothers, including Maclane Westbrook, Jadin Payne, Quarry Sarabia, Gage Westbrook, Laurie Buehler, and Jed Doan. Drawing off of inspiration from Old Time Radio, the creators wish to present satires, parodies, re-creations, and original scripts.

In this episode, HDTWB presents three vignettes for your enjoyment; a horse opera entitled “Buck Steer, Western Hero”, a dramatic playlet titled “An American Institution”, and a look inside the broadcast booth of “Springdale Community Radio” from our friends at Not Quite Classic Theater.

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Performed by The HDTWB Players
Producers: Maclane Westbrook, Jake Westbrook, and Dane Tippman
Sound Editor: Dane Tippman

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This show includes excerpts of the Public Domain songs The Entertainer, acquired from the Wikimedia Commons.
The following sound effects used in this show use the “CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)” and are Public Domain: The sound effects Cowboy boots, Thunderstorm ambience, Door, Crickets, and Car engine idling are from, Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication license.
Other sound effects used in the show are licensed from

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