Nanaymie Godfrey

Nanaymie Godfrey

In this episode of Perspectives in Healthcare, Nanaymie Godfrey talks with Scott Clapson about her role in identifying gaps in mental health services for older adults in Curry and Coos Counties.

Nanaymie shares why information from our communities in the form of the Community Assessment she has created can help us turn these needs into data we can use to improve the delivery of services for older adults.

Nanaymie and Scott talk about how grief comes in waves and the importance of developing healthy support networks to help us navigate these waves of grief.

Please fill out the Community Assessment form.

  • Click HERE to download a printable survey form. Return it to Scott Clapson at the Chetco Activity Center, 550 Chetco Lane, in Brookings.
  • Click HERE to complete the form on-line.
  • Pick up a paper copy at the Chetco Activity Center, 550 Chetco Lane in Brookings, 541-469-6822.

Nanaymie can be reached by calling Coos Health and Wellness at 541-751-2406 or emailing

Host: Scott Clapson, Producer: Scott Clapson

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