Curry Coast Community Radio is pleased to present Hairbrained, a short story by Angela Ewing

Dear Listener,

Angela Ewing

Angela Ewing

I emigrated to America over fifty years ago, I was twenty two. I had been bleaching my hair since I was sixteen. I suppose the influence of glamorous Hollywood stars made an impact on me and most of my girl friends back home in England.

It was fashionable to be a platinum blonde. Bleaching swells the hair shaft and makes it appear thicker. I wore my hair swept back into a chignon. My mother predicted that one day my hair would fall out. I wasn’t to know until that fateful day at the salon in Manhattan, when I grew tired of straight hair and decided to have a permanent, that she would be right!

Not all of the story is totally true, but it is intended to be humorous. I hope you find it so.

Angela Ewing

Host: Angela Ewing, Producer: Angela Ewing, Recording Tech: Justin Only; Sound Editor: Justin Only

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