Curry Coast Community Radio’s Community Conversations announces a new year-long series called Growing Grassroots Civility.

During the inaugural episode of this important series, Host Connie Hunter talks with Julie Schmelzer, head of Economic Development and Administration for Curry County, Lt. Michael “Mick” Espinoza, Curry County Sheriff’s Department Operations Commander, and Jonathan “Jay” Trost, Director of the Curry County Juvenile Department, about how to grow grassroots civility in Curry County.

Born out of frustration with community divisions, Curry County leaders and citizens are working together to “grow grassroots civility.” In recent months, issues of incivility began to be discussed in local social media groups because of acknowledged abuses. Beyond social media, a recent “Law Enforcement Night” sponsored by the Southwestern Oregon Community College Associated Student Government, provided a real life lesson in civility, with both good and bad examples of what was supposed to be a “civilized debate.” Our local newspaper suddenly changed its letter-to-the-editor standards to emphasize quality of arguments and to avoid abuses.

The question remains: can we citizens of Curry County disagree without being disagreeable? (Show host Connie Hunter admits to stealing the that line from local Vietnam veteran, Terry Brayer!) This conversation lays it on the line — let’s work it out, People!

Look for upcoming programs to include a KCIW collaboration between Our Community’s Candice Michel and Connie Hunter as they address civility issues in our schools, community organizations, and between the cities and the county.

Host: Connie Hunter, Producer: Connie Hunter, Recording Engineer: Jim Newman

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