In this edition of Ewing’s Doings, Angela Ewing talks with Brookings-Harbor Friends of Music board member George Cady.

Friends of MusicFriends of Music is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing a variety of fine musical events to the southern Oregon coast and to stimulating interest in fine music. They present an annual series of concerts that brings some of the world’s best musicians to our little corner of the world – something normally only seen at much higher cost in large metropolitan areas.

Cady is a retired engineer with a life-long love of classical music, both as a performer and a listener. He brought his passion for fine music to Brookings-Harbor when he retired from his career as defense contractor.

In this program Cady talks about the synergistic relationship between the sciences and mathematics and classical music, how the Friends of Music outreach program is introducing fine music to the students of the Brookings-Harbor school district, and how Friends of Music succeeds in bringing outstanding musicians from around the world to perform in our small community of Brookings-Harbor.

Host: Angela Ewing, Producer: Angela Ewing, Recording Engineer: Justin Only, Sound Editor: Justin Only

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