As we progress with this very serious health issue in our country, it is VERY important that we do NOT panic and base our decisions on the facts.  On the County level, we are preparing for possible outbreaks of this disease. Curry County currently has no confirmed cases.  

I have provided you with reliable websites that will give you the facts about COVID-19 and the measures that you should take to protect you and your loved ones.  You can also dial 211 for an update if you are unable to access the websites that are listed below.   Center for Disease Control (CDC) Website    Oregon Health Authority Website (OHA)  You can subscribe for continuous updates   World Health Organization  Curry County Public Health Services
Resources for Families and Schools from Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Department of Education    Information from Curry Health Network  Information from Sutter Health  Sign up for Curry County Emergency Alert Program.  This systems enables you to receive critical information quickly.  You will receive time-sensitive messages wherever you specify such as your home phone or cell phone.

Facebook page for the County is Curry County Government.

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