Got vision?  KCIW’s Community Conversations explores what a sustainable, prosperous future for our neck of the woods “looks like!” Connie Hunter interviews Curry County’s Director of Economic Development and Administration, Julie Schmelzer.  Julie shares her vision of growing a sustainable economy through tourism development and a creative economy.  Julie suggests more cooperation with the cities is an integral part of creating a good “perfect storm” for a more hopeful economic future!

Curry County, Oregon

Curry County, Oregon

Data collected in Oregon’s Creative Vitality Index gives rise to the idea of a unique tourism “recipe” for Curry County – a unique blend of cultural, stewardship and eco-tourism. A stellar example of arts and culture tourism as an engine of economic development is cited in the Index:  the annual $58 million positive economic impact in Ashland, Oregon, because of the Shakespeare Festival.  This interview poses the question, what can a creative economy do for Curry County?

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