In this episode of Community Organizer, Joanne Wausbauer sits down with Scott Clapson to talk about our regional public transportation system, Curry Public Transit. Under her leadership Curry Public Transit went from being a dial-a-ride service of the Brookings senior center to it’s own nonprofit corporation.

Curry Public Transit LogoRecently retired as the general manager, Joanne tells listeners how Curry Public Transit grew to be an asset to our entire region and how to take advantage of its services. There are opportunities to catch other regional transit buses at the end of the route in either Coos Bay or Smith River.

Curry Public Transit operates a Dial-a-Ride service and Coastal Express from Smith River to Coos Bay. You can schedule a ride with Curry Public Transit by calling 541-412-8806.

Host: Scott Clapson; Producer: Scott Clapson

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