The Curry Health Network is reportedly furloughing doctors and nurses. KCIW News has reached out to Curry Health and was told that no information about the reported lay-offs will be released until after its April 2, 2020 Board Meeting. But KCIW News has learned from multiple sources that the hospital is running out of money.

Sources say that when Curry Health opened its stand-alone Emergency Department in Brookings it was an expensive move, and Curry Health had to take out a short-term loan to make it happen. Curry CEO Ginny Williams was confident the new E.R. would pay back that $1.2 million loan within the year, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Curry Health and other hospitals were told to stop performing non-critical procedures. Those non-critical procedures represent money Curry Health banked on, and the combination of high bills and less income means the hospital is doing everything it can to save money … and that’s why doctors and other health care workers at Curry Health are reportedly being furloughed. It’s all part of the hospital’s effort to quickly reduce expenses.

So what’s next? And what does that mean for the hospital’s future? KCIW News will be following this story as it develops and will bring you the latest information.

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