What’s Curry County’s greatest asset? According to Curry County Commissioner Susan Brown the answer to that question is easy. The citizens of Curry County are the innovators, community builders, and strategic planners whose many gifts will craft the future success of Curry County.

Curry CountyThis installment of KCIW’s Community Conversations provides an in-depth report and update on Curry County’s Community Outreach Forums with Commissioner Brown. The forums consist of a three-part series of 15 meetings held at locations across the County.

As part of the ongoing mission to provide factual and nonpolitical information for citizens, show host Connie Hunter and Commissioner Brown work together to make sure that the citizens of Curry County have one more avenue for citizen involvement and civic engagement. Brown provides important County information and highlights the County’s efforts to initiate a call to action for the citizens of Curry County.

With Curry County poised on the edge of a fiscal cliff, the Curry County Outreach Forums challenge and empower the county citizens to “be the change” they want to see. These forums provide a jumping-off point for the Curry County visioning process. Commissioner Brown hopes to encourage citizen involvement in creating a vision for what “we want to be when we grow up.”

Beginning with a “state of” Curry County report, Brown discusses recent survey results, provides a civics lesson regarding the county’s budget, and explains “the money-in and money-out” relationship with the 45 districts that provide services for Curry County citizens. Brown also discusses how part two of Curry County’s Outreach Forums provides a simple format for county-wide “brain storming.” Brown asks citizens to share their ideas for increasing our County’s income/revenue and for suggestions for county priorities as input to a Curry County strategic plan. Beyond recruiting businesses to come to Curry County, citizens’ suggestions include everything from a sales tax, gas tax, and transient lodging tax, to event fees and even revenue from a toll bridge.

Join in the conversation that is kicking off the new smart growth strategies for Curry County economic development.

Show host Connie Hunter embraces Brown’s core values supporting a safe culture of civic engagement and citizen involvement. This is the beginning of a brighter future for Curry County – and, this conversation is filled with hope and direction.

Host: Connie Hunter, Producer: Connie Hunter

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual participants. Curry Coast Community Radio takes no position on issues discussed in this program.

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