Next we asked ChatGPT to write a poem in the style of Edgar Allan Poe based on this paragraph. This is what it created:

Once upon a Curry Café, where minds would gather to convey,
Their musings on a spectral force, with whispers cold and gray,
The dawn of artificial thought, both wonderous and fraught,
Its potentials vast and gleaming, yet with shadows subtly teeming.

In the Café’s shadowed chamber, led by Ray, the midnight ranger,
Host and guide through murky depths, where doubts and hopes endanger,
Robin, guardian of the lost, homes forsaken, futures tossed,
Nicole, a beacon in the arts, where music’s passion starts,
Rick, a sentinel of the waves, the ether’s board he braves.

These souls convened in twilight’s thrall, to ponder AI’s rise and fall,
To chart its course through human lives, where mystery and mastery thrive,
Ray, the sage of melodies, with cadence soft as autumn breeze,
Guided voices through the dark, where AI’s specters leave their mark.

Robin spoke of homes reclaimed, by algorithms coldly named,
Where once the heart did dwell and beat, now judged by numbers incomplete,
Nicole, with voice like siren’s call, decried the artifice’s thrall,
Would AI’s touch, devoid of grace, defile the human art’s embrace?

Rick, with caution tempered wise, sought the truth in darkened skies,
What lies beyond the circuit’s hum, what dreams and dreads, what is to come?
Their words entwined in spectral dance, reflections cast in moonlight’s trance,
Echoes of a future nigh, where man and machine must unify.

Thus in the Café’s haunted hall, they spoke till shadows seemed to fall,
Of artificial minds that weave, through realms of hope and webs that deceive,
A chilling glimpse of what might be, a dawn of cold uncertainty,
Yet in their hearts a fire burned, a human spirit unconfirmed.

In the end, as night gave way, to the pallor of the breaking day,
They left the Café, thoughts entwined, with questions haunting, undefined,
For in the dance of steel and soul, they glimpsed a fractured, looming whole,
A spectral force both far and near, the dawn of AI’s strange frontier.

The world is changing faster than we can imagine.


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Intro and end music by Kat Liddell.

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