Here are three Coronavirus links on our web page with the latest from the COVID-19 package that passed last week:

Under the bipartisan funding package (CARES Act) that became law on March 27, 2020, in the coming weeks and months, individuals, workers, families and small businesses in Oregon will now have access to economic assistance to help weather the COVID-19 crisis.

A full summary and list available resources under the COVID-19 relief package:

A detailed “Frequently Asked Questions” document about the COVID-19 relief package:

Recovery Rebates For Individuals

You and your family will receive rebates worth $1,200 for individuals ($2,400 for couples) and $500 per child under 17. (For example, a family of four would receive $3,400.)

Rebates phase out above $75,000 (single)/ $122,500 (head of household)/ $150,000 (joint). Each member of your family must have a Social Security Number (included on your last tax return) to claim a rebate.

You must file a tax return this year (or have filed last year) to receive a rebate check (or direct deposit). Rebates will start going out in the coming weeks. For more information click here.

For Workers

In Oregon, the Employment Department administers unemployment insurance. More information, including a link to file an unemployment claim online, can be found here.

Additional information from Senator Wyden’s staff about applying for unemployment assistance, can be found here

For Businesses

Information regarding Small Business Administration (SBA) loan relief, applying for economic disaster grants, and additional small business assistance can be found here.

Wyden Coronavirus Resources Page:

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