In this edition of Perspectives in Healthcare Karin Larsen and Scott Clapson sit down and talk about their attendance at a recent healthcare summit in Portland about the Oregon Health Plan and the Coordinated Care Model hosted by the Oregon Health Authority.

Oregon Health AuthorityKarin and Scott both sit on the Curry County Community Advisory Council for AllCare Health (One of Curry County’s Coordinated Care Organizations for the Oregon Health Plan), and they are passionate advocates for the health of Curry County residents and all Oregonians. They discuss what they learned at the summit, who they met, and how they are participating in Oregon’s Health Care Transformation.

Karin and Scott would like to express their gratitude to AllCare Health and the Oregon Health Authority for giving the Curry County Community Advisory Council such an opportunity to participate in the wellness for people of our county.

Host: Scott Clapson, Producer: Scott Clapson

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