Cultural Connections‘ special show host, Southwestern Oregon Community College instructor, Skip Hunter is honored to be able to speak with Confederated Tribes of the Lower Rogue’s Tribal Chairman Don Fry and retired principal and Superintendent of Schools of Powers, Oregon Peter Nightingale – a KCIW special correspondent. This special episode of Cultural Connections provides an update on the Tribe’s quest to become a federally recognized tribe.

Peter Nightingale

Peter Nightingale

Other topics explored in this interview include how language is important to culture and how the Tribe continues its efforts to preserve its language even though there are no living tribal members completely fluent in the native tongue.

In addition, our guests share details about the upcoming 24th Annual Gathering of the People, an annual pow wow event that honors cultural history, sacred traditions, tribal elders, and veterans. The Confederated Tribes of the Lower Rogue extends an open invitation to join this very special community at their alcohol-free event this coming Sept 17th and 18th.

Please listen for upcoming Cultural Connections programs with more information about the 24th annual Pow Wow. Check out the Confederated Tribes of the Lower Rogue’s Facebook page for more information about the Tribe, its heritage, upcoming events, and details of the Tribe’s efforts to become a federally recognized tribe.

Federal recognition would provide significant opportunities for additional grant funding and, therefore, for community and economic development in this currently underserved area of Curry County, Oregon.

Host: Skip Hunter; Producer: Connie Hunter; Flute music: Michael Penney

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Flute music by Michael Penney

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