Connie Hunter

Connie Hunter

In this latest installment of Our Community, host Candice Michel brings her gifts as an interviewer and a community collaborator to this conversation with her KCIW cohort, Connie Hunter.

If you don’t know Connie Hunter, you’re missing something. Connie is one of the most energetic, altruistic, goal driven, people in Curry County. As a community activist and veterans advocate, as well as Board member of Curry Coast Community Radio and host of the Community Conversations program, she works tirelessly to improve the lives of county residents and veterans across America.

In this program Connie shares sprinkles of her background, community vision, and her love for her KCIW family. As a nonprofit radio station, Connie believes KCIW is helping to grow community competencies such as civility, unconditional respect and honor of diversity — all key to the future of Curry County’s success. In addition, this interview serves as a reminder that women community leaders are essential to Curry County’s growth.

Stay tuned for more collaborations as KCIW leads the way in building a common sense of community, even where divides exist.

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