Cliff Bennett and his wife Roxanne recently moved to Brookings to open their new business, Chet’s Garden Center, located at 301 Oak Street in Brookings.

Cliff Bennett

Cliff Bennett

Ewing’s Doings’ host Angela Ewing had the opportunity to talk with Cliff about their move from Grants Pass, their plans to serve the Brookings gardeners’ community, and to get some expert advice on local gardening.

Cliff is no stranger to owning and operating a garden center. His expertise is evident in the well-designed paths, plants, and unusual garden art from local artists. The nursery that was there formerly has been completely remodelled and is now a showpiece.

Listen to Cliff’s advice on the best way to fertilize your plants, natural weed and insect control, how to keep our friendly local deer from eating you garden, and how to grow roses in our damp climate … and more.

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