This is Bruin Radio Sports, featuring a play-by-play show hosted by students and staff of the Brookings-Harbor High School!

The Bruins Baseball team faced a double-header game against the South Umpqua Lancers on a beautiful May 4th Friday. The Table in Left Field team of Gage Westbrook, Maclane Westbrook, and Jadin Payne returns to cover the first game, and your second game is covered by Athletics Director Buell Gonzales, Girls Basketball Coach and Technology Director Chris Schofield, and student and scorekeeper Ethan Hooper.

If you’re a student or staff member and you’d like to get involved, or if you’re a community member with input or advice for Bruin Radio, please reach out to us! Email Dane Tippman or Alex Merritt of the Brookings-Harbor High School. We would be thrilled to hear from you!

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For a higher-quality version of this episode, download the following file from the Internet Archive: Bruin Radio Sports: May 4, 2018 – Bruins Baseball v. South Umpqua,

Hosts: Gage Westbrook, Maclane Westbrook, Jadin Payne, Dane Tippman, Buell Gonzales, Chris Schofield, Ethan Hooper
Producer: Dane Tippman
Guests: Max, Robbie

Recording Tech: Dane Tippman
Sound Editor: Dane Tippman

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Student participation in this school-approved learning and creativity project is by the express permission of the students and their parents or guardians, and is conducted with the guidance of BHHS Vice-Principal Alex Merritt, BHHS Teacher Craig Cooper, BHHS Teacher Mr. Tippman and the approval of Brookings-Harbor High School Principal Lisa Dion. Names and pictures that may be included in this posting, and the names of students that may be mentioned in the show itself, were provided to Curry Coast Community Radio by the Brookings-Harbor School District with permission from the students and their parents or guardians in accordance with School Board Policy “JOB – Personally Identifiable Information” and the Brookings-Harbor High School form “Releasing Student Directory Information” signed by the parents or guardians.

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